- Andy R.
My wife has the Easyseat II and I use the Pro-Hub X2, both saddles have two seat pads, are extremely comfortable and both provide a little movement in the seat pads to absorb minor bumps whist riding (we also have spring-loaded seat posts which acts as a further shock absorber).
Gary T.
Your saddle is the FIRST saddle (ES II) that meets all of my objectives – very comfortable and no pain!
Jens M.
You literally saved my ass! Many thanks for your help and consideration. Ahhhh! Comfort for my upcoming cross-country trip.
Paul M.
We’ve tried 4 different seats so far (thinking of making a sculpture of bad bike seats!) the PHX2 is the winner!
Kari L.
North Carolina
I’ve had my Easyseat 11 for 9 years now and zero vaginal pain, thank you Hobson, nothing compares.
Beth R.

If you’re a male (heck, or female), you are probably very familiar with numbness in your nether regions when biking. This seat totally eliminates that.

It is worth every penny. Your rides will no longer be limited by your privates. It will take a few adjustments, which are easily made, to get the right fit but once you do, you will love this seat (PHX2)!

Thanks for solving a long-standing.....make that long seated problem for me!

Jim S.
Ever since I’ve been riding the PHX2 I get asked about my unusual looking saddle and I’ve encountered so many men and women who are searching for a pain-free ride...search no more...this is the answer to your cycling prayers, no pain!
Robin W.
The Hobson EasySeat changed my life!
Rory J.
Thanks Hobson- so glad there is still Hobson seats. I truly could not ride without it!
Marnie G.
Thanks Hobson for designing the very best daggone saddle around! (Absolutely no exaggerating here). Just fact.
Dan G.
I can ride all day and not be sore, there is no alternative.
Don G.
First of all, thanks so much for making this great seat (ESII)! BTW, my son-in-law is a urologist and approves of the seat for me, his most important patient.
Stan G.
I have an enlarged prostate and have used several split seats in the past. None of them really worked. Each of them left me numb after about 20 minutes of riding. A good friend told me about the HobsonSeat and offered to let me borrow his. I did and took it on vacation with me. He coached me on the various adjustments and cautioned that I might have to tweak them until the seat suited me. He was right. However, once I had it dialed in I could ride forever without any numbness. Now, the limiting factor for my rides is no longer my privates but my knees. You have a great product!
Jim S.
I had ‘issues’ ‘down there’ and stopped riding. Things are aces once again- so I thought I’d give it a shot and am amazed how perfect the PHX2 feels. Never thought I’d be back riding 50 miles a week.
Kenny S.
I now have had a few rides on my new seat, about 100 miles I suppose -- and I am going to keep it -- it works much better than Infinity or BiSaddle. For me, my rides are MUCH better now that I have gone back to the ProHub X2 -- thanks so much!
Dennis M.
I am an avid mountain bike rider and finally found a comfortable hornless saddle. The PHX2 has taken the pain away and super comfortable ride.
Dave C.
Why did I wait to get an ES II after 3 years riding the hard Peloton seat? Massive improvement.
Betsy K.
New York
The new ES II is on my trainer and I’m back riding without pain!
Cheryl S.