Pro-Hub X2

SEAT SIZE: 7″ x 4″ each seat pad (1.5″ adjustable spacing between each pad)

*Extremely flexible seat tips for comfort and lateral balance

Weight: 20 oz

DOCUMENT: Pro-Hub X2 Instructions (PDF)

A superior designed saddle for on and off road cycling. The perineum as well as offer the rider most “lateral balance and control” while on the bike – This is something that no other nose-less saddle can offer you!

Light-weight and durable this seat has no protruding nose, but allows for the rider to be able to control the lateral movement of the bike, unlike most other nose-less saddles. This enables the rider to ride in a racing, or semi-erect position while eliminating all pressure from his/her perineum region.

Its frame is made of a Nylon/glass mix and could only have come with 21st century materials and manufacturing technology.

NOTE: The Pro-Hub X2 is not a racing seat. The best position for the seat in terms of comfort is sitting more upright. Some bikes may require a 7/8″ diameter seat clamp (available off our website) for installation. Stress tested up to 300 lbs.

  • Tested for long distance rides
  • Chrome single dial synchronized seat-pad width adjustment
  • Hi-density foam / gel padding for comfort of your “sit-bones”
  • Nu-Leather water resistant cover
  • Stiff rubberized plug in each seat pad for a more stable ride
  • Extended stainless steel rails for more adjustability.
  • Sleek designed seat pads with flexible tips allowing you to ride in a ‘racing (semi-erect) position, all the while controlling the lateral movement of the bike (not a feature of other nose-less seats).
  • Current medical research studies recommending the saddle
  • A true unisex saddle
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8 Responses to “Pro-Hub X2”

  1. cliff says:

    what i didnt realise when i bought the prohub x2 , was it moves back and forth , i thought it would just be fixed and just have the opening adjustments ,
    only had it a few days so will see how it works out,
    i have to have it in the slight tip forward position so when i sit on it , it wont tip back to much .
    is there anyway it can be locked more rigid ?

    • admin says:


      The movement is built in for additional comfort. Ironically, it is what some of our customers just love, and others dislike. Most of our customers get used to the function of the seat within 4-5 moderate to long rides, hence the reason we ask that you allow this time frame to get used to the seat. From what you say of tipping the seat forward, looks like you’ve got a good position to start with.
      Get back with us if you need any further help.

  2. Joel Bowling says:

    After being severely wounded several years ago while serving in Iraq, I finally found a venue to do cardio without it hurting my wounded ankle/heel area. I started riding my LandRider bicycle in March 2011 & fell in love with bikeriding. The only problem has been that now that I ride long, intense sessions, my rearend & pelvic areas hurt!
    I purchased this seat with the expectation of it eliminating or greatly reducing the pain & numbness I experience with my original seat that came on my LandRider bicycle. It was advertised to be a seat for heavyset riders that would do so. Well, it fails miserably in its claims! After several rides, I’ve ordered a Serfas CRS1 Super Cruiser seat that will hopefully live up to its claims! This seat will be given to my 10 yr old daughter for her bike… maybe it will actually support her 80 lb bodyweight & give her a more pleasant riding experience. If you’re over 300 lbs, DO NOT trust this seat to give you comfort or relief!

    Semper Fidelis!
    Joel Bowling

    • admin says:

      Hi Joel,

      Thank you for the note. Sorry the seat did not work for you. We do recommend that if you’re over 300lbs you use either the original Easyseat or the Easyseat II models in our line-up as these seats have more surface area to support more weight. The ProHub x2 is meant for riding in an ‘aero’ or ‘racing’ position. The design of the saddle is for that style of riding, which is why you might not have felt comfortable on it riding your LandRider Bike.

      The ProHub X2 seat is quite revolutionary in the nose-less saddle market, as it offers the most lateral support to the rider, when compared to any other nose-less saddle available out there on the market.

  3. Good info. Just shared on our Twitter.

  4. Dejan says:

    I ride 100 miles per week. I switch between this seat and a conventional saddle when I need relief for my sensitive parts. Thank you Hobson Seats!!!

    • Andreas says:

      Why do you switch between seats isn´t the Pro-Hub X2 good enough as a replacement? What are the drawbacks?

      • Dejan says:

        @ Andreas – the only draw back I have is that it’s not a very good seat to push ‘up-hills’ while keeping my average pace up. I do encounter numbness on a conventional seat, especially after rides of over 15-20 miles. So I use the ProHub X2 for flat rides – this gives me a whole new world of relief.

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